Technology on the Go

After years of travel, the technology we seem to consistently carry with includes the following:

  • One or more Nintendo DS Lites. Bas always has his, and the rest of us carry ours sporadically.
  • One or two notebook computers. Jake usually has his ultra-lightweight Sony VAIO-P for general use (and occasionally photo editing), as well as writing and working. The second computer is occasionally an Alienware m17X monster for serious photo and video editing.
  • An Apple iPad – a new addition to the travel accessories.
  • Several Western Digital pocket hard disks for backups. We ALWAYS make back-ups, especially of our photography.
  • A Cradlepoint WiFi Access Point and Router with WWAN sharing and load balancing built in. Slightly larger than a deck of cards, this device is great for being able to work whereever we want in our hotel rooms without being tethered by an Ethernet cable, plus it provides basic incoming firewall support.
  • One or more iPods. Jake carries a 64GB iPod Touch, which covers as a quick and dirty web browser and e-mail handling device, while Krystyana has a 5G 160GB iPod Classic or a 32GB iPod Touch.
  • A Sprint data dongle for high speed Internet access while in the U.S. Works on both notebooks and in the Cradlepoint router, and is a great alternative to paying exorbitant daily access fees. Plus it works in Puerto Rico.
  • Kindles and Sony Readers. Linda, Krystyana, and Jake all have one and use them regularly. Great substitute for toting lots of books, but without a search function so we need to carry travel guides in paper form with us. Jake prefers the Kindle DX. The ladies prefer the regular Kindle.
  • Cell phones. We each have our own, with world roaming capability for emergencies. Jake is particularly enjoying his T-Mobile G1 Android-based phone, but looking for a replacement with more horsepower (but still with a 5-line full keyboard).
  • A compact 4-port power strip to plug in multiple chargers at once.
  • An iGo Juice universal power supply for said Fujitsu notebook, along with tips to charge up our various gadgets, like the Nintendo DS Lites, the Sony Readers, the Kindles, cell phones, and iPods, among other things.
  • Lots of camera equipment, including several point and shoots such as the Canon S90 for food photography, the Olympus Stylus TOUGH 8010 (waterproof to 33 feet), and DSLRs like the Nikon D300s and D90 with a multitude of lenses.