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Note To Self… Bring Proteins For Long Flights

October 12th, 2009 at 10:59 am (AST) by Jake Richter

Our departure from Bonaire yesterday was uneventful, except for the realization after we were already in the boarding lounge that we had forgotten all of our trip snacks in our fridge at home. For most folks this would probably note be an issue, but since our whole family follows a low-carb lifestyle, it was pretty significant.

For those not familiar with what a low-carbohydrate lifestyle entails, in a nutshell it means that we generally don’t each anything with refined sugar (fresh fruit in moderation is okay) or starches (e.g. no rice, bread, pasta, or root vegetables). Meat, eggs, cheese, cream and other animal fats, nuts, and green leafy vegetables are all great however, in whatever quantity we want to consume.

However, airplane meals are pretty much as carb-laden as can be, featuring pasta, beans, bread, and sugary desserts. And there’s generally no way you can pre-order a low-carb meal. If you order a diabetic meal for your flight they still serve you starches (which they really shouldn’t) and if you order a gluten-free meal, you get rice and other non-wheat starches. So your best option is to bring your own food. And if you forget it you starve for the most part.

We managed by eating a mere fraction of what we were served, including peeling the eggs and cheese off our breakfast croissant and leaving everything else in our meal box. Fortunately water and diet sodas are plentiful on planes so we remained hydrated.

Once we landed in Amsterdam’s Schipol airport we had hoped to use the KLM lounge and feed ourselves there. The lounge was promoted as accepting Delta Gold Medallion members (which Linda and Jake are), but reality disagreed with signage and we were told that only Platinum level elites could access it (and those on business or first class tickets, which sadly did not include us).

We found ourselves saved from total starvation by finding a shop at Schipol airport when we landed which featured cheese and cold cuts and smoked fish, which we bought at shockingly high prices (even a cup of coffee there was about $7.50 – ouch!) and wolfed down once we found a place to sit while waiting for our connection to Berlin. We were finally well sated and ready to continue to Berlin.


Travel Woes Continue

December 16th, 2007 at 11:08 am (AST) by Jake Richter

The previous post about the U.S. Immigration computers ended on a high note, but it was a false alarm. The nationwide system did not come back on-line. Instead, Immigration officers brought out notebook computers and processed us using those, so at least the line started moving.

But while in line to get processed, I received a text message from American Airlines that my 2:30pm flight to Boston was canceled. I am now booked for a later flight, and protected on an alternate route via JFK & LaGuardia which will still get me to Boston in time for my orthodontist appointment tomorrow morning. For the uninitiated, being “protected” is something offered to higher level frequent flyers in that the airline will block seats on an alternate routing in case the first routing fails to work out. Nice service – but I don’t know if I will retain that next year as I will not requalify for American’s Executive Platinum status – I only just made regular Platinum (and the rest of the family are all Gold-level fliers with American).

Then there will be a question of whether (or perhaps “weather”) or not my orthodontist will even be open tomorrow due to the results of the inclement weather in Boston.

In any event, keep your fingers crossed…

UPDATE: I actually made it to Boston, just a few hours late.