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Attending a Movie Premiere & Party

December 16th, 2010 at 8:07 am (AST) by Jake Richter

I was in New York City last week on business, and my timing was good because a contact had a couple of tickets available to the world premiere of the movie “The Tourist“, and the party afterwards.

Tickets to the The Tourist world premiere and after-party

Tickets to the The Tourist world premiere and after-party

As the rest of the family was still on Bonaire, I invited our family friend Eva to join me at the premiere.

Never having been to a world premiere (shocking, I know), I had no idea what to expect. We arrived at the Ziegfield Theatre at around 5:30pm to pick up the tickets shown above (my name was “on a list”), had a nice dinner at Molyvos, a nearby Greek restaurant I highly recommend, and just before 7pm walked down our private side of the sidewalk, through security, and into the theater. Alas, we did not get to walk the red carpet – obviously they didn’t know us well enough. As we entered the theater the street exploded with cheers, apparently as the real stars arrived.

The theater slowly filled, and around 7:20pm, Angelina Jolie (one of the two major stars of the film) and hubby Brad Pitt showed up and were seated. Johnny Depp (the other major star) stayed out in the lobby for a while since apparently he never watches his own movies. The movie started at 7:30pm, thankfully without the previews movie goers are typically subjected to.

Enjoyable film, but certainly no masterpiece. I had figured out the major plot twist less than half-way through the film, but if you’re looking for entertainment and good performances by Depp and Jolie, it’s worth a look.

After the film those of us with tickets to the after-party were ushered out to buses in the back of the theater, but as we took our time to leave, it ended up being a long wait for the next bus, so we cabbed it to Gotham Hall, the location of the party.

The party was an interesting experience – we saw some faces we recognized, but no one we personally knew. Everyone there seemed to have an agenda, and was trying to determine whether the people around them were “someone” they needed to talk to. One woman I spoke to referred to the event as a “celebrity petting zoo”. I thought that was pretty funny. We did spot Brad, Angelina, Brooke Shields (just visiting), and Danny Strong (whom I recognized from a small part on the last season of Mad Men.

In any event, the party offered a great venue for people watching, food, and an open bar, and was its own form of entertainment.

Photos from our world premiere and party experience, including a photo of Eva with Brad Pitt, can be found here on Flickr.