About Us

The Traveling Richters Crest and LogoThe Traveling Richters are a family of four who travel extensively in search of new knowledge and adventure as part of an alternative schooling approach to learning. The logo for The Traveling Richters is pictured at right – the stylized “R” is for “Richter”, and the icons represent our interests and efforts during our travels – including dining, photography, reading and research, scuba diving and adventure, painting and art, and travel itself.

Our travels have led the Richters – individually and collectively – to places as diverse as Tokyo, Japan and Santa Fe, New Mexico (USA) to Banff, Canada and Marrakesh, Morocco in just the last year or so. And coming up is a trip to explore the Antarctic.

The Traveling Richters are made up of the following Richter family members:

We live on the Caribbean island of Bonaire, located 50 miles north of South America, and use Bonaire as our launching point for all of our travels.