The Black Penguin

March 11th, 2010 at 5:48 pm (AST) by Jake Richter

It figures that something remarkable was seen on our trip, but I completely missed it. Fortunately my daughter Krystyana did see it – and she also managed to take several photos of this unusual critter. I’m speaking of the Black Penguin, a flightless bird with unusual coloring that appears to have taken the world by storm.

Black King penguin next to normal King penguin

Black King penguin next to normal King penguin

Fellow traveler and National Geographic Traveler contributing editor Andrew Evans posted a photo of the melanistic penguin on his blog, which led to another post in the Intelligent Travel blog, and from there it seems to have spiraled into a major news story.

So, to help prove that Andrew’s photo was not an anomaly, below are a few more photos of the Black Penguin.

Black Penguin in the foreground with a regular King penguin in the background

Black Penguin in the foreground with a regular King penguin in the background

The Black Penguin

The Black Penguin

Larger versions of the above images, along with additional photos can be found on Krystyana’s Flickr pages.


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6 Responses to “The Black Penguin”

  1. Cynde Says:

    Congrats to Krystyana for capturing these pictures! When I read the article I looked through all of your pictures and didn’t see one, but thought it had to be on the same trip! How cool is that!

    BTW, please tell Krystyana that her pictures are truly magnificent! Chip off the old blocks me thinks!


  2. Jake´s dad Says:

    Bravo, Yana! With your excellent eyes you might join the profession of your grandpa and uncle Mike!

  3. Sharon Says:

    Krystyana is quite the photographer! She’s got beautiful pictures in all her sets there on Flickr.
    How lucky she is to have gotten to see this amazing guy. She got some great shots.


  4. Anja Says:

    Wow! those are great pictures!

  5. Taylor Says:

    Hmm. How weird. I wonder what this could mean. I understand maybe he’s deformed in the process of being reproduced? Like humans, we might have one limp gone, or an extra one, or we might have blood clots, heart problems, lung problems, but this is amazing. She was very lucky. 🙂

    And, yes, I’m 11.

  6. Taylor Says:

    Wait a moment, you can see the website and Copyright information on the pictures! 😮