GPS Tracking – Final Day on South Georgia

February 26th, 2010 at 3:08 pm (AST) by Jake Richter

We overnighted in Rosita Harbor and around 5:30am made for Right Whale Bay. Unfortunately the bay was not protected enough for us to be able to get off the ship without serious complications due to swells, and we headed for Elsehul instead.

It was a gorgeous, sunny day, and we took lots of photos of macaroni penguins and other birds. Also got to hear glacial ice crackling as it melted.

We left Elsehul during lunch, and stopped for a bit at Trinity Island, the second to last bit of land considered to be South Georgia.

We’re now on our way to the town of Stanley in the Falkland Islands. Should be arriving very late on Sunday, or early on Monday morning. Two days at sea should mean lots of photo editing time, and thus a bunch of blog posts, providing the seas don’t get too rough (scant chance of that though).

And providing my computer works. My Alienware M17x notebook stopped being able to read from one of the two memory slots on the motherboard at noon today, so I’m running at half RAM (and noticeably slower).

I should also mention that my GPS batteries died leaving Right Whale Harbour (unbeknown to me), so the cross country track on the GPS map below is incorrect. The ship did not cross the mountains, but instead followed the coast to get to Elsehul. In case you were wondering. GPS batteries have been replaced, but from this point forward the track will probably be pretty darned boring – a nearly straight line for 900 or so miles. Next update on Monday for GPS.


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