GPS Tracking – Godthul and Grytviken, South Georgia

February 23rd, 2010 at 5:50 am (AST) by Jake Richter

It turned out to be another very busy and snowy day yesterday, as we started in Godthul Bay with kayaking, hiking, and Zodiac cruises. Got to see our first King penguins up close and personal, as well as reindeer (imported by someone a while back – definitely not endemic) at a distance.

In the afternoon we went to Grytviken, an old whaling port, and now the government seat of the country, with a whopping 18 inhabitants, most of whom are part of the British Antarctic Service.

Grytviken is also the location of the grave site of Antarctic explorer, Ernest Shackleton.

Below is our GPS Track for yesterday as well as much of the rest of Sunday. Zoom in to see the location of various sites on land. There’s lots of detail there.


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One Response to “GPS Tracking – Godthul and Grytviken, South Georgia”

  1. Jarmila Richter Says:

    South Georgia island within the larger parameter looks like a tiny speck in the ocean’s huge waters. One wouldn’t guess that there would be that much to see.

    By the way: we have heard on news yesterday that there are some problems with Argentina regarding Falklands, blocking ships from landing without their written permission.