GPS Tracking – Elephant Island to South Georgia

February 21st, 2010 at 6:06 am (AST) by Jake Richter

We woke to a cold and wet (snow/rain) day as we arrived at the south-eastern end of South Georgia. We were going to be starting our exploration of South Georgia from Cooper Bay, but the anchorage conditions were not good, so we’re heading to Drygalski Fjord.

However, the animal life signs at Cooper Bay were encouraging with lots of water fowl (petrels, I think) on or above the water, and in a brief span I counted dozes of seals frolicking in the water as well.

Our time zone just changed overnight as well, and we are now at GMT-2 (U.S. East Coast is at GMT-5 this time of year, for reference).

In case you were wondering, all of yesterday was spent at sea, with good size swells (and thus sporadic queasiness) and no obvious whale sightings, hence the relatively boring GPS track below. Also, no photos were taken yesterday. Gasp!


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One Response to “GPS Tracking – Elephant Island to South Georgia”

  1. Sen Says:

    Apparently they are everywhere in Hawaii now.Maybe we’ve got your whales?