Wie Geht’s? Hoe Gaat Het?

October 10th, 2009 at 5:10 pm (AST) by Jake Richter

The title of this entry is in German and Dutch for those not familiar with those phrases. In English it’s “How’s it going?”. We’re doing well, and hope you are too!

But the main reason for this post is to share that tomorrow we’re off to Germany and Holland.

Our trip starts with a flight from Bonaire to Berlin, Germany to see family. Jake’s older brother and nephew live there, and his parents will be coming in from Prague to meet up with us. We also plan on learning about Germany’s history, with a particular focus on World War II, which Krystyana is now studying in depth. We also plan on exploring and learning more about the Cold War and the various aspects of how half of Berlin came to be an island of democracy in a sea of Communism, and how that impacted the lives of Berliners on both sides of the infamous Berlin Wall.

We’ll be in Berlin until October 20th, when we fly up to Amsterdam to explore a few corners of Holland. For all that we’ve lived on Bonaire, part of the Dutch Kingdom, for nearly twelve and a half years, the only time we’ve ever spent in Holland was at Schipol Airport. While it is a nice airport, we’re pretty certain there’s a lot more to see outside its confines. We plan on learning all we can about Dutch history first hand, as best we can in Amsterdam, and will then bop over to Rotterdam for a long weekend to spend time with our friends Martin and Angela (who have promised to show us the sites in their city, including a sea-based tour of one of the world’s largest ports).

Krystyana says she will post images and blog entries during this trip, and with my mini-notebook in hand, I hope to be able to provide a few updates as well. Hopefully we’ll do better than during our recent four week exploration in middle America, which brought us a new understanding of everything from civil rights and discrimination to bluegrass and country music. But we didn’t post much because we were so very busy morning to night (and probably a wee bit lazy too).

So, wish us a Sch├Âne Reise! (“nice trip” in German)


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4 Responses to “Wie Geht’s? Hoe Gaat Het?”

  1. Martin Weger Says:

    Wij wensen jullie een goede reis en heel veel plezier. ­čÖé

  2. LaDonna Says:

    have a GREAT trip! Looking forward to your entries Krystyana!!

  3. Aisha Says:

    have a Sch├Âne Reise hugs and kisses

  4. Roy Says:

    Here’s a link to the Bergen-belsen memorial which is only 20 mins away from where I live http://www.bergenbelsen.de/en/ lots of info on WWII internment camps. It is about 3 hours road trip away from Berlin, so maybe a bit too far for a day trip

    Wir w├╝nschen euch eine wundersch├Âne Reise

    Gr├╝├č Roy und Helga