Machu Picchu is Stunning

November 26th, 2008 at 6:27 am (AST) by Jake Richter

I don’t have a lot of time as I need to head off on a morning hike to the Sun Gate at Machu Picchu with Bas. The girls are sleeping in.

We arrived at Machu Picchu yesterday afternoon and spent a few hours touring the ruins. Amazing what the Incas managed to build – and all without ever having discovered the wheel!

We’re staying at the Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge – the only hotel within easy walking distance of the entrance of the archeological site. Very nice property. And they even have Internet access!

Below is evidence of our presence at Machu Picchu.

The Traveling Richters at Machu Picchu

The Traveling Richters at Machu Picchu



4 Responses to “Machu Picchu is Stunning”

  1. Darlene Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to the whole Richter family!!!
    I have been enjoying all your travel adventures!!!!

  2. Mercy Says:

    Omg…a lifelong dream for me being an archaeologist! How cool. Is it just me, or does Bas look like a little old man in this pic! HA!

  3. Kelly Baum Says:

    I have been following your travels and miss you all tremendously ! The guinea pig story was amazing…..

    Hope you are now home safe and sound.

    Love and happy holidays !

  4. Ellie Tappan Says:

    We too have enjoyed your travelogs and pictures.
    Thanks for sharing!