We’re Still Alive and Well – In Fiji

November 25th, 2007 at 6:38 am (AST) by Jake Richter

Bula! (that means “Hello”, among other things, here on Fiji)

Well, after traveling thousands of miles, and getting to Fiji just over a week ago, we would like to report that we are in fact live and well, and finally at a resort with decent Internet access.

Not that that necessarily means that we’ll be posting all of our last 30+ days of adventures all at once, but at least there’s a greater likelihood of more frequent posts.

However, we wanted to share with you that our adventure tomorrow (Fiji time) is to find the source of the world-famous, premium bottled water known as “Fiji Water“. For years, many of the nicer hotels and restaurants we have frequented in the U.S. and elsewhere have offered Fiji Water as the premium bottled water, and we figured while we are actually on the big island – Vitu Levu – of Fiji, we might as well go and see where Fiji Water actually comes from.

We’ve hired a driver (his name is Babu) and his car, for the three hour drive north along the western coast of Vitu Levu, with frequent stops for photo opportunities along the way, including a place known as the Garden of the Sleeping Giant, rumored to have been discovered/started by Raymond Burr (of TV’s Ironside fame).

We hope to report on our success in the coming few days.

In the meantime we leave you with the fact that Fiji is hot, humid, and quite friendly. We had a nice relaxed time last week on Castaway Island, and got some nice diving in too. All the pictures from last week are sorted and cleaned up, but still need to be tagged.

Oh, and we all got henna tattoos yesterday. Although the Yin-Yang I got looks more like a deformed eyeball. More on that later…


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