Internet Challenges in French Polynesia

October 25th, 2007 at 12:06 am (AST) by Jake Richter

For those of you wondering about our sudden silence, it’s not because we had any problems getting from Los Angeles to Tahiti, but more that technical challenges of sorts have arisen here in French Polynesia.

While WiFi Internet access was available in our hotel (the Le Meridien), it was rather slow, and quite expensive. A full day of access was a mere US$78. We punted, assuming that we’d get a better deal on the Pacific Princess cruise ship, which promoted having WiFi access in key spots on board.

However, while the WiFi access is there, the cost is a wee bit greater than even at our hotel – a mere 50 US cents per minute. If I left my notebook connected to the Internet all day, we figure that would be a connection charge of US$720 a day. Ouch!!!

Anyhow, while we’re still in port, it appears there’s a WiFi service for yachties – Iaoranet – which offers an hour for 6 Euro (about US$8.77) and seems to work fine from our stateroom. I’m presently using that service, however slow it is, to get things up to date here tonight.

And yes – we have been busy, so hopefully we can get all the photos uploaded before we leave port at 4am this morning for Moorea.


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3 Responses to “Internet Challenges in French Polynesia”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Glad you could get a hookup, Jake. I’m keeping up with your blog via RSS and looking forward to reading of your adventures. Love to all! Jessica

  2. Jan kloos Says:

    Hi guys,
    Glad that you had the same problems in the South Pacific with the internet. We thought it was only us having problems with the performance and the charges.
    We have been close to each other for a while because we were in California when you were in LA. At present we are in Utah, Zion NP and will be back in Bonaire November 24th.
    All the best,
    Jan & Margreth

  3. The Europena Richters Says:

    Hi guys,
    we have now TWO worries – the kind of basics: water and fire. You four on the ocean and David, Samantha and Charlotte in the midst od Californian hot hell. Hopefully both group will come out of these both elements without scars.
    Love, mom and dad